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Eazzypay/ Equity Bank integrations

Imagine having a simple bridge between your online store and Equity bank to enable your customers to simply pay you instantly at a click?

Yes, EazzyPay integration would allow you to receive online payments from your shoppers. Integrating your application or online store with EazzyPay will enable your customers to transfer funds within and outside Equity Bank, top-up airtime from any telco, pay bills, or simply pay for goods and services instantly.

This brings forth a question on whether you are having an Equity bank account or not. If yes, then EazzyPay will become your choice of integration.

Why Integrate EazzyPay?

EazzyPay allows your shoppers to pay for their shopping seamlessly via the bank’s robust systems without leaving the website or application. Jumia’s online store is a good example of EazzyPay at work, say for example someone ordering food from Jumia Food. The person doesn’t have to go looking for the restaurants till number as EazzyPay in-builds them between the systems so he/she only identifies himself or herself then the payment process takes place.

What Ziprof will Offer

We will integrate EazzyPay on your website in that a customer can easily pay for your services or goods on the checkout page. Doesn’t this seem good? It does, because customers having Equity bank accounts will feel catered for and keep on trading with you. With EazzyPay, we will have brought the bank with you where you are the manager, teller, and the accountant managing your cash.

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