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As a Top eCommerce web design company in Kenya, we provide eCommerce solutions that save you time & labour to facilitate the better functioning of your online venture.

Ziprof offers a full suite of eCommerce development solutions, including strategy, integrations, migrations, and of course, optimization of online stores for data-driven results. Our engagement as partners in eCommerce development and consulting will mean a powerful business launch with the right technology stack. We are well equipped to give your business a fresh start by re-platforming successfully or growing it into an omnichannel venture.

eCommerce development

Revamp or create a new eCommerce platform that has the capability to engage more audience.

Your eCommerce platform of choice

We design and develop eCommerce websites using all major platforms, including WooCommerce, Magento 2, OpenCart, and Shopify.

Our E-Commerce Specific Solutions

Here are our dedicated offerings encompassing all the major categories you may need.

  • Shopping Cart Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • eCommerce Social Media Integration
  • Custom eCommerce Website Design
  • Plug-in & Module Development
  • eCommerce Maintenance & Support
  • Swift & Easy Checkout
  • eCommerce Inventory Management
  • eCommerce Order Management
  • eCommerce Customer Management
  • Product Categories Management
  • eCommerce Offers & Deals
  • Admin & Seller Dashboards

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about eCommerce Development. If there's anything specific you'd like answered, ask us and we'll be glad to respond.

What is involved in setting up an eCommerce website?

You'll need a site designed first and the usual functional elements of a website, e.g a contact form. For standard eCommerce, you will need additional components: an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, a payment gateway, a back-end database for processing orders and storing customer information, and a shopping cart solution. Ziprof can help you with all of these.

I'm only selling a few products. Can you set me up with PayPal?

Yes. You can use PayPal for payment processing. Please note that your customers will be directed to PayPal's site while placing their order.

My target market is ‘Kenya’. Can you set me up with MPesa Checkout?

Yes. We can integrate your website to have Lipa Na MPesa payment options. We highly recommend the use of the Paybill option as opposed to Buy Goods. MPesa Paybill will offer an easy way of tracking payments. Your customers can use the Account Number option to indicate their order number. The allocation of the payment against the orders will be done automatically.

Is an SSL for a Domain name also valid for its sub-Domains?

One SSL is valid for one domain unless you get a wildcard certificate. Otherwise, the SSL certificate is only valid for the exact domain or sub-domain that you registered it for. If you require an SSL for a sub-domain, keep in mind that the sub-domain has to be on a public IP address.

Why is it important for business owners to create an eCommerce site?

With the rapid growth of the online market, having your own eCommerce site design exquisitely is important since it opens your business for the global market. Today, people have very little time to visit a physical store to purchase items. They prefer to browse their mobile devices or PC and shop online.

I have a unique business that requires a complex, customized site. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Ziprof specializes in designing and developing custom eCommerce solutions and Web sites both simple and complex. We'd be happy to discuss your unique needs and provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Do you offer Search Engine Optimization services?

Yes. Ziprof's experienced Digital Marketing department offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to improve your chances of being found by search engines. We accomplish this by performing extensive research, search engine positioning, and search engine optimization.

How can I choose the best platform to use on my eCommerce business website?

Always consider the items that you are selling. Some platforms can handle inventory tracking. The design options, payment gateways, security of the site, integration with other tools, features, and pricing are factors you should consider before finalizing on the platform.

How can I promote my eCommerce website?

There are various ways to promote your website. First, promote the site to all the customers. This will help to increase your customer base. Your website address should be present on your business card, brochure, billboard, and every other advertisement that your company invests in. Submit your site to the search engines and optimize your website as this will affect the traffic you get on your site.

What is the secret that can turn browsers into buyers?

Have your website designed in such a way that it is much more oriented towards sales rather than marketing. Let your visitors see your products immediately instead of hiding them behind lots of marketing copy. Ensure you have a page that reads the terms and conditions as it will offer a professional look as well as indemnify you. Provide your contact details and explain your return policies, security, and payment options.

How can I create an impressive website?

The beauty of a site lies in its user-friendliness. Ensure that your site is fast, easy to use, professional, and eyecatching. Match this up with prompt order delivery without any delay. In case you are unable to offer the service or experience a challenge while processing the order, make sure that your customer is informed about it via their most available direct contact option.

What are the security risks that are involved with eCommerce sites?

There are three dimensions of security – confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Ecommerce website owners should develop a good strategy that can help to make the site available and the transactions are secured.

Is there any limit on the size of my product or customer database?

No, as such there are no limits. The biggest benefit you'll get with your eCommerce solutions is that you can add unlimited products and catalogs and at the same time you can grow your customer base as you require.

What is the maximum number of customers that can be on my site at any one time when shopping?

There is no limit as far as I am aware. However, it is important to acquire a hosting package that can handle large volumes of traffic. We recommend our Business Hosting packages for hosting your eCommerce site.

Can I get web traffic statistics e.g. how many customers visited me in January and how customers visited me in March etc? How long did they spend on the site etc please give me a break down of all the traffic stats?

By default, this will be down to your hosting company to provide. However, we can integrate your eCommerce website to statistics platforms, like google analytics, that will help you get in-depth on your website performance.

Can individual products be set as taxable or non-taxable?

Yes, you can set your products as 'taxable' or 'non-taxable'. Customers can also be designated as 'tax-exempt'.

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