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eTuzo Polling System

Helping you create competitive surveys where members of the public vote for various preferences

e-Tuzo is a cloud-based data management system, owned by Ziprof TechnologiesLtd, whose core function is collecting data from survey participants. The system uses data collection tools e.g Short Message Service (SMS Shortcode), Mobile Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and a Web Portal to collect data from members of the public.

Creating surveys and collecting data for purposes of awarding is now easy with eTuzo. Our Polling Sytem accomodates both Free and Premium Surveys.

Create. Monitor. Award

As a survey creator you may choose to charge the participants and earn though our platform. You can also create surveys where participants are not charged.

What Ziprof will Offer

We offer eTuzo Sofware as a service(SAAS). The system is installed on our servers and allows survey owners to access it online. The survey owners will be billed as a subscription.

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